| Compulsin Product Reviews

Take a drop in the day to keep the bad thoughts at bay.
By Amy L. (MS) • ★★★★★

This product has saved my life. I was having panic attacks, and obsessive thoughts that almost destroyed my daily life. With this product I don't feel like a medicine head, I can take it at night and wake up without the immediate rush of horrible thoughts, and take a drop in the day to keep the bad thoughts at bay :)
This along with the anxiety product have truly saved me as a wife a mother and a person. THANK YOU so much!!!


It really keeps you calm
By D S. (ca) • ★★★★★

I don't usually do reviews over a certain product but this one has certainly left me speechless. I have been taking this for over a day now, and wow it has amazing results. This works better than any of the medicine that has been subscribed by the doctor office. It really keeps you calm, and it helps you focus on other things throughout the day which is great.


Compulsin has helped my daughter calm down.
By Jerry L. (IL) • ★★★★

We ordered Compulsin for our daughter. She has been on it one month and it has helped calm her down and be in a better mood. I'm expecting more improvement this month!


I have been dealing with extreme ocd symptoms for almost 3 years.
By Kim P. (PA) • ★★★★★

I have tried the product. I am taking 3x a day. My OCD is extremely bad. I am noticing a slight difference. I know something else is going on that triggers it - I have been trying to figure out what, with the help of my doctors.

It's not giving me any adverse effects, which I was worried about. I have been dealing with extreme OCD symptoms for almost 3 years. So to even feel slightly better is a big accomplishment.


I am having some improvement.
By Maryann T. (CA) • ★★★★★

I am still using the product and having some improvement.


I'm glad I came across your products.
By Delores P. (IL) • ★★★★★

I started using Compulsin a few months ago and it has worked well, but I still have anxiety flare-ups, so I ordered Anxietin to help. Prescription drugs did not work well for me and I'm glad I came across your products. Thank you.


Compulsin definitely helps Mom!!
By Hazel C. (FL) • ★★★★★

Mom - 80 years old - has had adverse effects to drugs. I ordered Compulsin for her to use while waiting to see a psychiatrist (for a disorder which may or may not be related to dry mouth). Mom's condition had her always cleaning her teeth or moisturizing her mouth, with feelings that there was something there. I searched the internet for holistic OCD medicines and found Compulsin. Compulsin definitely helps Mom!! She takes it and swishes it in her mouth; we use it in combination with nutrition and nerve foods. The condition is not cured, but Mom is calmer. I am very glad we found this natural homeopathic remedy which provides some relief to Mom and supports a better quality of life for her. We have shared it with the doctor reviewing her condition.


All told, I feel better than I have in months.
By PETER Y. (NY) • ★★★★

I've been on Compulsin for about a month. I don't feel any worse - possibly better, but that could be because I went off all anti-depressants and my spirits were quickly rejuvenated. A probiotic has also been enormously helpful. I only took the full daily dose of Compulsin once, and experienced some wild screaming in my sleep. On one daily dose I sleep quietly. Is there a connection here? All told, I feel better than I have in months.


It really works!
By Stefania H. (fla) • ★★★★★

It really works! It helped my son minimize his OCD for the first three weeks.


If you suffer from OCD you'd be foolish not to try it.
By Barry G. (Ca) • ★★★★

My daughter started taking Compulsion about a month ago and it's been nothing short of a miracle worker. Having lived with OCD myself from childhood through my mid-30s, I knew the degree in which she was suffering with her irrational thoughts and extreme paranoia. But after taking Compulsion twice a day her OCD has diminished by no less than 90%, and when she does get OCD symptoms they don't last very long. I don't know if Compulsion will work for everyone, but if you suffer from OCD you'd be foolish not to try it. It's been a Godsend in my household!


Thank you for such wonderful, natural products.
By Adria S. (PA) • ★★★★★

The Compulsin and Anxietin have really made a positive difference in my life. Thank you for such wonderful, natural products. This is so much better than taking the pharmaceutical prescription brands!


I wish I had stumbled upon this remedy sooner.
By Kristi D. (Ne. ) • ★★★★

I have a friend that suffers with OCD and I Googled natural remedy for OCD and HelloLife came up. I have moderate depression and my son has ADHD so I ordered three different products. My friend with OCD says she is more "chill" now and can see a definite improvement. My son with ADHD does not remember to take his regularly but has also noticed some improvement.
As for me, I did not realize how much of my life was being affected by the depression until I started to feel better. I am getting back to my old self, positive, motivated, inspired, and hopeful. I wish I had stumbled upon this remedy sooner. I highly recommend, will order again, and will order more products for people that I know are struggling with Neuropathy and fatigue.


The Compulsin has been wonderful.
By Cessa W. (TX) • ★★★★★

The Compulsin has been wonderful. My daughter has been on prescription drugs for severe OCD. The medication has not been working to the best so I added Compulsion three times a day and it has brought the OCD back in control.

As time goes on I would like to start lowering her prescription dose with the help of our doctor and only be on Compulsion. It has only been about 1 month and big results are being seen.


Thank you for creating a product that's safe and natural!
By Danielle F. (NE) • ★★★★

So far I have enjoyed Compulsin, it's natural and doesn't have ANY negative side effects. Which, if you suffer from OCD or Anxiety/depression of any kind, you know that's rare.

I take medication as well, but rather than upping my already negative side effect riddled medication, I decided to try Compulsin. It's helped with my OCD tendencies, it's definitely helped me cut back on some of my negative thought process as well as compulsive behaviors. Thank you for creating a product that's safe and natural!


She can feel a difference
By Amy V. (NJ) • ★★★★

I ordered Compulsin for my daughter who has been suffering with severe, pervasive and debilitating OCD for close to 14 years.
She started taking it as directed and at first, she said she thought her symptoms were worse, but now, 3 weeks later, she said she can feel a difference, but feels like she has to take it 3 times as often.


Within 2 days I was able to see a difference.
By LIZ S. (AL) • ★★★★

I purchased this product for my granddaughter who was having issues with hand washing. Within 2 days I was able to see a difference. She is doing much better.


Thumbs up
By Sharon R. (in) • ★★★★

My husband really likes Compulsin. So thumbs up there.


I am so glad I found this product
By Darlene W. (TX) • ★★★★

This product is for my 11yr old son with severe OCD. Since using Compulsin it helps him to control the need to repeat his thoughts and repeat the same sentences over and over. I am so glad I found this product when I did because I didn't know what else to do to help him. I inquired with his developmental doctor while I was waiting for the product to arrive and the doctor said that the Compulsin would definitely help him.


I have noticed a decreased amount in hyperactivity and a 90% decrease in tics
By CYNTHIA D. (AZ) • ★★★★

My adopted daughter has a severe case of ADHD. Unfortunately, because she was born addicted to drugs, the typical medications are contraindicated. They increase her tics and compulsive impulses, decrease her appetite and cause her stomach pain. Her pediatric neurologist suggested Compulsin and Synaptol. While I have noticed a decreased amount in hyperactivity and a 90% decrease in tics, it is not enough to get her through the school day. My daughter prefers the natural choice over synthetic medication (as do I), but she has quite a few delays and needs to be focused at school in order to progress a grade level each year.


By RAYMOND S. (VT) • ★★★★

We purchased this for our grand daughter and it did help her with some of her problem.


positive results
By Todd F. (MA) • ★★★★★

Great product! I was skeptical upon receiving the product, but within an hour I felt the positive feelings and euphoria I once felt as a child start to return. It heals OCD symptoms, and the thoughts start to go away with proper diet and exercise. Lots of water and Gatorade and plenty of fresh air will bring positive results from this product.


By Carol S. (AZ) • ★★★★★

I have been taking compulsion for a month now and feel a great difference in my ability to control my thought patterns. Self awareness and a sense of calm have also seem to come easier for me to attain.


By Shirley M. (GA) • ★★★★★

I want you to know how pleased I am with this product. once it really got in my system I noticed a huge improvement. I had been suffering in silence for a long time and I feel like a different person. I am very grateful that I now am enjoying the benefit of this product.


By Stefania H. (Fla) • ★★★★★

Works great, and it is all natural!