HelloLife®Pro is the exclusive ordering platform and resource center for retail distributors of HelloLife and VETiONX products. As a retail distributor, you will have wholesale access to our high-quality natural OTC medicines and proprietary herbal supplements for children, adults, and pets. We provide you with the products and support you need to inform your valued clients about safe and natural solutions for a healthy lifestyle!

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Homeopathic OTC Symptom Relief Medication & Herbal Supplements for Adults and Children

Hyperactivity & Inattention


Natural relief from episodes of inattention and hyperactivity without chemical stimulants or their risks.

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Stomach & Liver Enzymes


Our most potent natural enzyme blend for support of healthy non-bloating, non-gassy digestion; plus liver and pancreatic function.

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Brain Function & Behavior Support


Natural potent support for healthy brain function and balanced behavior including stress-coping and social skills in adults and children 4+.

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Homeopathic OTC Symptom Relief Medication & Herbal Supplements for Pets

Joint and Mobility Pain


Discover natural relief from joint and mobility pain that's formulated to be safe for all pets. Our potent yet gentle homeopathic ingredients are stabilized into our micro-pellets, providing a good solution for relief of joint and mobility pain plus symptoms like inflammation, swelling, and stiffness.

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Skin Care


Safely and quickly starts relieving pet skin irritation, including dry, itchy, hot, red, rough, scaly, chapped and cracked skin

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Joint & Mobility for Small Dogs

Arthrochews Dog-60

Arthro-IonX is the solution for the symptoms of dog arthritis and hip dysplasia. Our chew makes it easy for dogs to enjoy safe, daily support from arthritis symptoms, including aches, inflammation, pain, soreness, stiffness and swelling. Our formula simultaneously supports helps support joint function and mobility.

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Why HelloLife & VETiONX?

HelloLife & VETiONX products are revolutionary in simplicity and safety for everyday use. All of our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, under strict guidelines of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), ensuring exceptional safety and quality control.

We use a multi-ingredient, multi-potency approach to homeopathy directed at fast, long-lasting symptom relief. We utilize our exclusive purified ionized mineral water base for safe, user-friendly administration. We also carefully select and integrate natural botanicals, vitamins, and minerals into our dietary supplements for optimal health and vitality support.

Many of our products have been awarded 5-Star Ratings from our customers and reviewed highly in thousands of real-person testimonials.

Welcome to HelloLife®, the natural health company committed to supporting your unique health needs. As part of our mission, we offer:

  • Safe, yet powerful symptom relief with our homeopathic medicines
  • Customized wellness support with our dietary supplements
  • Free health resources including expert advice, online testing, healthy recipes, informative articles, and community support

Who is HelloLife?

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HelloLife® is a natural health and wellness company. We are dedicated to providing the finest class of over-the-counter, pharmaceutical-grade, natural medicines and nutritional supplements available to children and adults. We believe in matching our clients’ commitment to a healthy lifestyle through our unique approach to homeopathy, specialized blends of supplements, and supportive health resources.

Welcome to VETiONX®, the natural pet-health company committed to supporting pets’ health and wellness. As a part of our mission, we offer:

  • Safe, fuss-free symptom relief with our homeopathic medicines
  • Chewable nutritional support with our dietary supplements
  • Free pet-health resources including valuable veterinarian insight

Who is VETiONX?

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VETiONX® features natural pet health products that are safe and fuss-free. VETiONX® believes that pets deserve quality, natural OTC medications and supplements. By providing pets with products designed for their unique health needs, informative resources for pet-owners, and knowledgeable veterinarian insight, we help pets around the world lead long, healthy lives, naturally.

HelloLifePro's Mission

For almost 10 years, we have been dedicated to helping our wholesale customers find safe and natural solutions for their clients’ mental, physical, and daily wellness. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan with customers in 138 countries, we have served over 200 retail distributors domestically and internationally.

What we offer our retail distributors:


  • User-Friendly Website for Ordering & Business Resources
  • Wholesale Customer Care – Available by Phone & Email: M-F 9am-6pm EST
  • Business & Product Consultations
  • Product Guides, Brochures, & Catalogs
  • Real Customer Reviews
  • In-Store Displays
  • Marketing and Use-of-Content Assistance
  • Employee Training Programs & Educational Tools
  • Directory Listing
  • Competitive Profit Margins

At HelloLifePro, we want to expand our products' accessibility globally and locally with the collaboration of our retail distributors. HelloLife & VETiONX, not only provides high-quality natural products, but also offers in-depth wellness information, marketing tools, competitive pricing, and excellence in customer care for you and your customers' success.